Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We have a great pleasure in informing You on behalf of the Organizing committee of the Association of Physiatrists of Montenegro that the 5th Congress of Physiatrists of Montenegro with international attendance will be held in Igalo from 18-20. October 2018.

We are aware of the fact that physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM) experienced a large expansion, which is caused by population growth and extension of life-span, and better survival rates after polytrauma, on the one hand, and due to increasingly omnipresent universal human rights and freedoms, including patients’ right to full participation, independent living and economic independence, on the other hand. Therefore, we are talking about rehabilitation as a continued and coordinated process that begins with the onset of a disease or injury and continues until the person affected achieves the role in the society in compliance with his or her lifelong aspirations and wishes. PRM specialists operate in work environments of various types – from intensive care units to rehabilitations inside a community, from the first days of life until the death.

All this indicates that the present-day PRM is the most diversified medical specialty, and requires an interdisciplinary approach with participation of all segments of our profession and related specialist branches. This Congress gives us an opportunity to exchange our common knowledge and experiences, to promote higher awareness of benefits and efficiency of PRM, to improve the clinical work by introducing new standards trough an evidence-based practice, all with the aim of improving the quality of our patients’ treatment.

In addition to physical and rehabilitation medicine specialists, we therefore expect support and active participation also from colleagues engaged in other specialist branches (orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, internal medicine…).

The venue of the Congress itself – the Institute Igalo – is situated at the entrance into the Bay of Kotor, one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean. It was found in 1949 as a climatic health resort under the name „Jadransko prirodno lječilište“ (Adriatic natural health resort), with a small wooden house of 49 sq. m. During its development, the Institute has not only increased its space and accommodation capacity, but also its “know how” in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine that positioned it at the top of the European rehabilitation centers, and Igalo itself as a recognizable health tourism destination.

We thank You in advance for Your interest in attending the Congress and we sincerely look forward to see You in Igalo.

Faithfully yours,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Dr Delić Marina